NEEMFest Volunteer Page

As a NEEMFest performer, it is your responsibility to ensure the event is a success as much as the it is for the organizers. To that end, we ask each and every performing attendee to volunteer for something.

Yes, I know… this is my vacation too.

..and don’t worry… you won’t get stuck behind the mixing desk at stage 2 for 6 hours…

  • Sound Engineer: Alan Parsons EAT YOUR HEART OUT!
  • VJ /Video Operator: Come on…you’ve always secretly wanted to try it!
  • Front Desk: Selling Admission and Raffle Tickets, T-Shirts, NEEMFest CD’s… hawk your merch!
  • Petting Zoo Security: No, you don’t get no stinkin’ badges. Watch out for that Dorschel dude…he WILL TEST YOU! (Segway not included…)
  • Anything: ..but not everything…

Please sign up below:

NEEMFest Volunteers

NameVolunteered forAvailabilityComments
Charles ShinerSound Engineer & Front DeskFriday - Sunday
Patrick BartmessAnythingFriday - Sunday
Gianni IntiliSound EngineerFriday - Sunday
Ron HolmesAnythingFriday - Sundayon Saturday, after 4pm only
Neil AlexanderPetting Zoo SecuritySundayAfter 1:30pm only
Bev StantonVideo & Sound EngineerFriday - SundayOn Friday, Only after 4pm
Juan GarcesSound Engineer and VideoFriday - Sunday
Adam HolquistAnythingFriday - SundayNot early Friday or late Sunday.
Stephen CourseAnythingFriday - SundayOn Sunday, Early only
Laura Todd (Woodswalker)VideoSaturday - SundayOn Sunday, only until mid-afternoon.
James SpitznagelSound EngineerSaturday and SundayOn Sunday, only between 3pm and 8pm
Karl FurySound EngineerSaturday and SundayWhen he is not busy
Dan McKaySound EngineerSundaySunday 1pm-3pm