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Track by NEEMFest member, “Ombient” (ombient.com)

This year’s NEEMFest (NorthEastern Electro-Music Festival) is happening September 7-9, 2018 in Homer, NY. Now in its 15th year, the performance-centric gathering features three full days of innovative electronic music concerts, workshops, seminars, demonstrations, video artists, industry-name interviews, and a mini-swap meet.

Also, there will be a hands-on “Synthesizer Petting Zoo,” with various rare and odd synthesizers, drum machines, and other pieces of electronic music gear you hadn’t known existed.

Please bring your own headphones for the Petting Zoo, otherwise a community set of headphones will be made available; iPhone/iPod headsets work well.

NEEMFest 2018 is once again being hosted at the The Center for the Arts of Homer, in Homer, New York.

Click HERE for a quick Google Maps GPS link/address for directions to the Center.

NEEMFest 2018 Schedule: Click HERE.

(note: a verison of the schedule, without the workshops and with hover-over bio/website information for press and broadcasters can be found here.)

NEEMFest Petting Zoo Submissions: Click HERE.

Call for Volunteers from Performers: Click HERE

If you can’t attend in person, RadioSpiral can bring you the next best thing via live broadcast throughout the entire festival.
Go to http://radiospiral.net for details.
You can also listen on TuneIn at: http://tunein.com/radio/RadioSpiral-s285168/


Gee Whiz… There’s a nifty raffle this year!

Click image below to see poster file enlarged in a new window.
Or, click HERE if you want a high-resolution PDF of this poster.

Main Prize:
A Brand-New, In-The-Box Moral Dilemma Behringer Model D Synthesizer!
Second & Third Prize Tiers will also happen: Prizes TBA at the event.
Tickets are $10 Each, or 3-for-$25.
Tickets will only be sold on-site at the event on September 7th and 8th.
Drawing is on Saturday September 8th at 7:00PM.
Disclaimers: Main Prize Value: $299. All proceeds go to the NEEM 2019 Fund. E-M/NEEM Committee Members exempt from participation. E-M/NEEM is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Behringer in any manner.

NEEM Media

One of our longest standard members, Steve Mokris, has a treasure trove of previous NEEM and electro-music performances on his Vimeo site. Check it out!

NEEM Mission Statement / Call to Action

NEEM is affiliated with electro-music.com, which was founded by Howard Moscovitz and Greg Waltzer in the early 2000s. NEEMFest 2018 continues this annual festival tradition, now in it’s 15th year, which traditionally happens in the NorthEast quadrant of the USA; three large facilities with space to accomodate performances and workshops have been utilized for NEEM since its conception.

NEEMFest is a gathering of musicians that use electronic musical instruments and both hardware and software tools to create art in a performance-centric event. This is bigger than your average “synthesizer meet”; this is the philosophy of controllerism and abstract thinking, put into real practice in a peer-based and public environment. Hands-on workshops, seminars, demonstrations, and audio/video technology happen in an informal educational setting where all ages and skill levels are welcome.

Our sister E-M annual festivals include EM Indy (aka MEME) which traditionally happens each August in Indianapolis; EM Asheville, which traditionally happens each May in North Carolina; and a new event started up in 2018 named ‘eeeem’ (An Evening of Experimental Electronic Electroacoustic Music), which traditionally will happen each April in Rutherford, New Jersey. In time, a combined non-profit status for all localized groups under one title would be an ideal unified entity.

NEEM member Mike Hunter demonstration on synthesis to gradeschoolers (photo by Ken Palmer)

Since October 2017 to present day, the NEEM Committee’s mission has been to investigate the course of NEEM becoming a 503(c) Non-Profit Entity as an Public Educational and Community Organization, with the penultimate goal of year-round public educational workshops for all ages and locations (mostly on the East Coast) via hands-on workshops, short public performances, and/or group lessons on weekends or during planned school visits; as a bridge for both the Arts and STEM educational philosophies.

NEEMFest 2017 young attendee & possible future electronic musician (photo by Robert Dorschel)

This is an attempt to gain the non-profit status in order to receive and maintain grant monies to pay for hosting these year-round workshops-for-hire, all while maintaining the familiar annual gathering event for the members and perhaps to lower the costs for these pay-to-play events.

To date, any effective progress on this mission has proven to be difficult to do by present committee with full time day jobs and family commitments in the seven months since inception of the goal. As a result, the NEEM Committee is always looking for anyone willing to help further this cause. You can help by way of volunteering your time, doing some footwork, research, and filling out multiple state forms (for NY/NJ/PA); financial contributions; educational consulting for lesson plans; or by providing pro bono legal work; non-profit grant writing, underwriting, and/or other consulting.

2018 NEEM Committee & Volunteers

A call to all Fellow NEEM Performers! Your name could (and should) be listed here next year. Consider volunteering for future event planning.

Lead Organizer, Treasurer, Event Copywriting, Graphic Design, T-Shirt Design, Program Layout, CD Compilation & Professional Cat Herder:
Robert “Gosh It Sure Seems Like He’s Trying To Pad His Résumé” Dorschel

Webmaster, Web Hosting, P.A. Donation, Talent Scout, Head Bouncer & Hall Pass Monitor:
Mike Hunter

Production Stage Manager, Logistics, Head Night Nurse & Dean of Basket Weaving:
Thomas R. Bruce

Lead Video Guru:
Steve Mokris

Minions Pre-Event Volunteers & Co-Conspirators:
Charles Shriner, Mike Metlay, Juan Garces, Rebekkah Hilgraves, Jeremy dePrisco, Neil “Nail” Alexander, plus an assorted cast of thousands

These titles would change to your standard fare of “President,” “Vice President,” “Treasurer,” and “Secretary” once we achieve non-profit status. More folks will be listed here once we spread out some of the joy.

NEEM Forum

Be sure to stop by and check out the NEEM forum for collected community conversation about this event.

NEEM Contact Form

Please visit the NEEM forum to see if your questions have already been asked or answered about this event.

If not, then please jot us a short note here; or directly by email to neemfest@neemfest.org.

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